Share our hearts

One of our families favorite things to do is share our hearts for the people of Tanna. Last year, at a missions convention in Eastern Oregon, we had so many fun opportunities to share what God has been up to. Everyday we had a chance to share. Our kids even had the chance to go to a skating rink for the first time! There was a fun youth event at a skating event which allowed our kids the chance to skate in a skating rink for the first time! Terry didn’t even know how to skate till that night. He loved every time a girl would tell him he was doing a good job. That evening we had a blast sharing with youth from multiple churches as well as hanging out with fellow co-laborers from all around the world. We felt privileged to get to know these awesome families and their hearts for the counties they are called to! Made some life long friends and got to hangout with some old friends too!
Later that week Sam had the honor of sharing one of the testimonies of what God has done in Tanna at the combined missions banquet. It was an incredible night of fellowship and good food. We also had to compete in a game against our fellow M’s represented and each shared a funny story from our times overseas that kept the crowd pretty entertained (us as well!). Love this journey we are on and all the amazing people that have partnered with us along the way! So thankful that we were giving this opportunity!
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