What does the Paris team do when it snows

March started off with some unexpected snow which resulted in a canceled service. What does the Paris team do when their service is snowed out? Well…we were already in the area for our service, the snow came in over night, so instead of hiding in the hotel we went to Ikea. The kids are still amazed by America and all that if offers, Liam looked at me as we were walking through this giant store and said “Dad its like Disneyland for furniture” LOL. The boys found a bunkbed with a couch under it that they thought was perfect, the girls found desks they liked, Lisa found bookcases, and I found a model house that is bigger then house in Tanna. Not what we planned for the weekend but one thing is for sure it was an adventure.
#teamtanna #alwaysanadventure #letsgo

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