Love With Us

We have been called to serve in the nation of Vanuatu as Family by living out the love of Christ.

We are called to one of the southernmost islands of Vanuatu known as Tanna. God has filled us with a passion for the unreached tribes living throughout the center of this island.  We will put on our backpacks and trek through the island and find these tribes and build key relationships with them so we can share the gospel of Jesus.  Tanna is home to the world’s most accessible volcano, Mt Yasur, which the local Cargo Cult believes houses their soon to return messiah, John Frum.  We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to share Jesus’s story of redemption and grace and introduce them to the true Messiah that is living and will return!

Vanuatu is comprised of over 80 islands with over 120 languages spoken.  Our ministry will begin with learning the pidgin language of Bishlama.  Then we will learn the primary tribal dialect for the island of Tanna which is known as Whitesands.  As God leads we will build relationships and share the gospel.

Our vision is to establish a long term ministry that will continue beyond our lifetime.

We know that this can only be accomplished as God uses us to raise up Ni-Vanuatu leaders.  We believe that God will guide our conversations and open up the right relationships to accomplish this.

While in Tanna we also want to help meet the needs of Ni-Vanuatu people.  Some of these needs are education, leadership training and health care, specifically in the area of medical facilities, supplies and practitioners.  As God guides we will help coordinate and facilitate medical teams that can meet health needs and open up valuable doors for sharing the gospel.  We also have a vision for a Bible based leadership institute to raise up the future leaders of the church in Vanuatu.  Our passion and desire is that none should die without the opportunity to accept Jesus in to their hearts.  We know God will equip and guide every step as we continue to obey what He has called the Paris family to do.

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