Sharing the truth to those who have not heard it…

  • We are excited to serve as a Family. We are both Missionary Kids. Sam grew up in Japan and Lisa grew up in Tonga and Guam. We have been called to serve in the nation of Vanuatu as a Family by living out the Love of Christ.
  • We are blessed with four incredible children; Liam is our oldest and makes sure everything is in order and looks out for everyone else.  Kailee is our older daughter, and she is full of life and very determined.  Ari is our younger daughter she is very sweet but don’t be fooled she can take care of herself.  Terry is the newest addition to our family and is quick to smile and values quality time with his mom.
  • God has filled, us with a Passion to share the Gospel with Unreached Tribes located throughout the center of one of Vanuatu’s most southern islands, Tanna.  We are committed to take the Gospel as a Family to where it has never been.
  • With God’s Guidance and His Provision we believe by the end of 2014 we will be setting foot on the land to which God has called us.